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Aluminum Recycling in Brampton

Posted on 08 April 2015

Anyone who knows anything about aluminum recycling knows that it’s the most recyclable metal of all metals. There is no limitation on the number of times that aluminum can be recycled. And more importantly, the metal doesn’t lose its inherent qualities after repeated recycling.  Throughout the recycled metals industry, aluminum is routinely considered to be substantially more valuable than any of the other recycled metals and materials.

The good news is that aluminum recycling in Brampton, and across the country, has many benefits for the environment. The bad news is that millions of aluminum cans (and other waste items) are still arriving at landfills, and are still being incinerated. It’s truly a shame, considering how easy it is to throw aluminum cans into a recycling bin, or make sure that regular collecting of recyclable materials includes as much aluminum as possible.

Aluminum is the most plentiful metal on earth. It’s incredible – resilient, versatile, and truly sustainable – and industry statistics state that fully 2/3 of all aluminum ever manufactured, is still around today. Manufacturing a new aluminum can from a used can takes 95% less energy than starting from scratch with virgin metal. In fact, 20 recycled cans can now be manufactured with the same energy as it takes to manufacture one can from virgin ore.

The industry statistics are convincing, and aluminum recycling in Brampton is just part of the big picture.  For example, 20 years ago, it 19 waste aluminum cans were used to create one pound of aluminum, but with today’s advanced technologies, 29 cans are used, adding up to significantly less waste and much better energy use.  However, inasmuch as recycling has grown exponentially over the years, there is still much more to do.

Unfortunately, tons and tons of waste aluminum are being dumped annually, including food containers, product packaging, and foil products.  In fact, across North America, aluminum cans that went to landfill could have had a recycled value of half a billion dollars.  And while it’s true that for the average homeowner, aluminum recycling is simply part of the regular, routine collection, manufacturers contribute on a larger, worldwide scale.

Aluminum recycling in Brampton, especially on a larger scale, satisfies both local demand and national demand for high quality recycled materials.  From end to end every step of the process is contributory – collection and sorting – processing and management – distribution and logistics. The fact is, there’s plenty of waste that can be collected, substantial market demand for quality waste, and ample opportunity to manufacture new aluminum.

In recent years, more and more recycled aluminum is being allocated to the needs of the automotive market.  In some scenarios, major recycling facilities are directing 80% of their capacity to the auto market.  It all points to the huge demand of the marketplace, and the equally huge need for recycled materials. As an indication of future trends, some of the big players are predicting a threefold sales increase for recaptured and recycled aluminum by the year 2020 – and that’s just to support growth of automotive aluminum.

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