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Scrap Metal in Brampton

Posted on 14 April 2015 by Admin

For the most part, the ABC’s of scrap metal are available and accessible on the Internet.  So whether it’s about buying, selling, collecting or distributing, it’s quite simple to get a grasp of the “ins and outs” of scrap metal. What’s most important is to know which scrap metal is valuable and what is currently in demand. When it comes to scrap metal in Brampton, it’s also important to know where to take the scrap and how to get it there – especially given the weight and volume of heavy metals.

In general, a reputable scrap dealer will recommend collecting the most common metals – like iron, copper, brass, steel, and aluminum. These are typically in demand, and will fetch the best price most of the time. Waste electrical wire, for example, and especially when available in large volume, is an excellent source of metal.  Indeed, a local scrap yard will often give hard cash for electrical wire, even when not well sorted or prepared.  This kind of scrap metal material is easily re-used or recycled.

Non-ferrous metals (non-magnetic) are generally more valuable than ferrous metals. Indeed, copper, aluminum, brass, and bronze usually fetch more money at the scrap yard than ferrous scrap. And for those seeking a business approach to scrap metal, there is a lot to consider, especially if the idea is to create a revenue stream. Important to consider is the quantity of scrap being collected; the quality of the scrap; transportation and delivery to the dealer; and assurance of ongoing supply of scrap.

In recent years, the disposal of home appliances has become a critical municipal issue. As it is, many provinces have their own regulations in an effort to divert home appliances from the waste system.  And this has a particular effect on collectors and scrap dealers.  Indeed, home appliances are an excellent source of sheet metal, and a valuable source of machinery metal. Overall, the collection, disposal and recycling of end-of-life home appliances represents a viable business opportunity.

Clearly, the benefits of recycling scrap metal are positive, especially from the environmental point of view. The benefits on energy savings, air pollution, and water pollution, are well documented, and proven. And from a business perspective, it also makes good sense. A high volume of scrap metal, well sorted, and properly prepared, can generate substantial income for the average collector.  In fact high-value scrap like copper or aluminum can make collecting and separating quite profitable.

Whether it’s scrap metal in Brampton, or in any of the surrounding communities, its important for the serious collector to develop a good relationship with a dealer. An established and reputable scrap dealer will actually do much more than just give a fair price. They might provide additional sources of scrap – they might confidentially divulge high-demand metals – or they could offer extra services like pickup and delivery. It all comes down to a relationship that is favorable for all.

Overall, scrap metal is a “supply and demand” business from start to finish. And for the collector, it’s about keeping abreast of market pricing, while ensuring an ongoing supply for the scrap dealer.

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