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Finding a Scrap Metal Dealer in Toronto

Posted on 08 February 2016

Tal Metal removes and recycles virtually every type of scrap metal in Toronto. Our expert teams remove ferrous/non-ferrous metals for residential, commercial and industrial customers. All materials are handled responsibly, and according to bi-laws. And our “green” approach benefits everyone – our company, our customers, and the environment.

Tal Metal pays top dollar for high quality scrap metal (including wiring), and offers a competitive level of pricing. Amongst the many non-ferrous scrap metals, we collect aluminum, brass, and copper. As for ferrous metals, we collect steel (stainless and galvanized) as well as the full range of iron metals. Pricing always depends on volume and purity.

Collection schedules (delivery/pickup) are prompt – Tal Metal teams come when promised. The company is well established in the Greater Toronto Area, operating throughout the GTA and in communities around Ontario. Our people are professional; we provide reliable customer service; and we make sure that our customers are completely satisfied.

Scrap metal removal (including appropriate recycling) is essential to factories, manufacturers, homebuilders, and contractors. For Tal Metal, the service is all-inclusive – we offer a reliable and efficient service, which is hassle-free from time we arrive on-site. Importantly, we take care to ensure that the scrap metal we collect doesn’t end up in landfill.

Based on market conditions, Tal Metal pays competitively for scrap metal. Our people constantly monitor metal market prices, especially when the market is particularly unpredictable and ever changing. Indeed, our advanced computer technology keeps us up-to-date with current rates and potential future trends. It means getting the best possible prices.

Customer service at Tal Metal is end-to-end. We advise customers on “safe” scrap; we explain weight limits and load levels; and we provide quotes as precisely as possible. Our service teams offer high quality service on every project, regardless of the volume. And our “green” approach includes both collection and disposal. We simply do our best.

Tal Metal has been in business for two decades. And while Ontario is the focus of operations, we operate from coast to coast across Canada. Based in Concord, Ontario, the company is changing, growing, and improving along with the industry as a whole. Our people buy and sell nationally and internationally, always focusing on customer satisfaction.

The priority for Tal Metal is to build long-term business relationships. We address our customers’ needs, and we make every effort to fulfill those needs. And with our advanced online networking capacity, we can assure superior reliability; a high level of service; and the very best distribution options. It’s a full service approach to scrap metal removal.

Because of our industry reach, Tal Metal can completely manage a customer’s scrap metal needs. This goes far beyond customer service and competitive pricing. It includes timely and effective logistics, and efficient management of collection, removal and recycling. As well, our people can offer expert advice and guidance on how best to capitalize in the scrap metal market – especially in today’s climate where prices fluctuate and currencies vary from quarter to quarter.

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