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What Can Be Recycled? Common Items That Can Make You Money

Posted on 23 March 2016

Think of all the items you have in your home that you don’t use anymore. Toasters, refrigerators, batteries, various electronics and more. We bet you didn’t know you could recycle those items and potentially make some money off of them! We often throw out overused or even unused items without thinking first, we can recycle these, and second, we can make money from recycling these. At Tal Metal Inc., we know the difference between items that you can just recycle to items that you can recycle for money. Here are some of the most common household items that you can recycle for money at Tal Metal’s.

What about all of those electronics that you have not used in a few years? Remember that old flip phone? Or what about old laptops or desktop computers? Those can be recycled too! We strongly encourage those items to be recycled not only for your money return, but because if they are not disposed of properly, there could be a potential risk of toxic chemicals from these electronics. The same goes for old batteries, for both household and car batteries. Do you also have old power cords lying around your home? Old computer chargers, extension cords and more? Those can be sold for recycling too! Underneath the rubber is metal! Therefore, your electronic cords are not just garbage, they are actually recyclable and potentially worth something!

Finally, another common household item that you are able to recycle are aluminum cans. If you have ever had a family gathering, or hosted a kids birthday party, you will know the amount of leftover pop cans that can accumulate in your recycling bin. Instead of just recycling these cans, you can recycle them for money too! Aluminum is a very valuable scrap metal, and even though pop cans don’t seem like your typical aluminum scrap metal, they hold just as much value.

There are so many types of scrap metal, and if you have any at home, you may soon realize that your scrap metal might not mean much to you at home, but at Tal Metal’s, we know how useful any size of scrap metal can be. Scrap metal can be categorized as copper, steel, and or aluminum. Copper is the most profitable metal that can be sold for scrap metal, but we invest in all types of scrap metal, no matter how big or small.

So think twice before you throw out some of your household items, as they might actually be worth something. If you would like to know if your household items are recyclable or if they are able to make you some money by recycling them, visit our website, www.talmetal.ca or call us at 905-660-7081. The safety of our environment is our number one priority, and whatever items you can recycle, we encourage you to do so. Cleaning our environment starts with small actions, such as recycling aluminum cans, to large strides, such as recycling scrap metal that helped build your home

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