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Household Items Fit For Aluminum Recycling

Posted on 14 December 2021

With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s a good time to get things sorted out and eliminate unwanted junk. The good news is that some of the junk is recyclable and even worth some cash. When it comes to aluminum recycling, there’s plenty to choose from around the house. And with enough volume, your local scrap yard can offer a good return.

As one of the most established and trusted scrap yards in Toronto, Tal Metal offers competitive prices for scrap aluminum, along with convenient scrap metal pickup for customers in Toronto. Today, more than ever, it's vital to recycle wherever possible, especially with large household junk, it's even more vital to avoid sending it all to a landfill site. You can also cash in on  this “out with the old; in with the new” mentality this holiday season.

The Benefits of Aluminum Recycling 

Out of all the metals on earth, aluminum is considered the most recyclable. It can be repurposed over and over, without losing any of its inherent qualities. For scrap yards in Toronto, aluminum recycling is always welcomed and market prices are typically reasonable.

For homeowners collecting scrap aluminum around the house, a high volume of clean, good-quality scrap can fetch some easy cash throughout the year, especially during the holiday season when consumers are spending more. At the same time, the process of recycling scrap metal re-directs tons of waste from local landfill sites.

Because it’s so highly recyclable, scrap aluminum can be re-manufactured into new material very cost-effectively. Best of all, far less energy is consumed compared to the mining and processing of virgin ore. This contributes greatly to a more desirable “circular economy."

Household Items Made of Aluminum

While many of us associate aluminum recycling with curbside collections, a good return can be realized with higher volumes of scrap – particularly aluminum scrap. And at Tal Metal, residential and business customers are offered the most competitive prices on the market.

The key, of course, is to find good quality aluminum scrap and in high volume. Around the home, scrap aluminum is plentiful both inside and out – from old lawn furniture to aluminum window frames to unwanted appliances to outdated electronic equipment.

Obsolete Automobile Parts: Auto parts made of aluminum are a good source of quality aluminum and therefore valuable.

Leftover Building Materials: Scrap aluminum is found in roofing materials, window and door frames, and aluminum siding.

Electronics and Appliances: Electronic equipment and old appliances are a substantial source of higher-quality aluminum.

Leftover Wiring and Cables: Leftover electric wiring and cables usually contain aluminum (but without the plastic or rubber).

Tal Metal Specializes in Scrap Metal Recycling

While Tal Metal collects and recycles scrap aluminum on a regular basis, we specialize in recycling all of the non-ferrous metals, including brass and copper. We provide a full-service approach to residential homeowners and commercial businesses, along with FREE scrap metal pickup throughout Toronto. All depending on the daily fluctuations of the metal market, we make every effort to give our customers the best possible prices. 

Contact us today to learn more about cashing in on aluminum recycling in Toronto.

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