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How to Simplify Recycling Your Scrap Metal

Posted on 14 July 2022

It's common to have several pieces of scrap metal recycling but no idea what to do with them. With the money spent on the material, you deserve to earn some cash back while helping the environment. Not to mention, failing to recycle your metals is comparable to throwing money away. The experts at Tal Metal have compiled a list to simplify your experience of what you should do when planning on dropping off or getting your scrap picked up at a metal scrap yard. Before going to a scrap yard, there are a few things to consider to maximize your experience and increase the amount of money you get.

Continue below to learn how you can simplify recycling your scrap metal.

Prepare/Separate Your Materials 

The first step when recycling your unused metals is to check if it is accepted by the scrap metal yard company you are going to. Next, prepare and separate your materials for an easy exchange. Sorting your metals from ferrous (iron, steel) to nonferrous (copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, etc.) will allow for quick drop-off or pick-up and make it easier for the professionals to sort through and figure out what to pay you. Remember that ferrous metals do not hold much monetary value compared to nonferrous metals. Although, you should take the time to clean any toxic metals to ensure a good payout. 

Scrap Metal Pick Up or Drop Off?

Once you have sorted and prepared your scrap metal recycling, you need to figure out if you will be getting your scrap picked up or if you will be dropping it off. Tal Metal provides scrap metal pick-up in Toronto and the GTA if you decide on getting your metal picked up. Pick-ups can be scheduled in advance, so if you come across more scrap metal after the intended pick-up, you can add that to the pile. Scrap metal pick up in Toronto can also be done at any commercial or industrial property. We accommodate any big or small load and promise to recycle the metals appropriately, ensuring none will end up in the landfill. If you decide on dropping off your metal, the process involves dropping off your bins and letting us do the rest. 

Bin Rentals

If you are concerned about how you will carry or hold all of your metal and wiring, look no further than bin rentals from Tal Metal. The last thing you should ask yourself is if you need a bin rental or not. Depending on the amount and type of metal that you are recycling, we can help you choose a bin to rent from the variety we offer. Rental containers can be scheduled for drop-off and pick-up services and borrowed for a defined time. All you need to do is fill the bin with your scrap metal recycling, and our team will do the rest! Simple as that.

Why Choose Tal Metal for Scrap Metal Recycling?

Tal Metal is your top place in Toronto and throughout the GTA for scrap metal recycling with over 20 years of experience. We're sure you won't regret recycling your scrap with competitive pricing, help from employees, and easy drop-off or pick-up solutions. We care deeply about environmental impacts and focus on reducing pollution, eliminating high volumes of waste, and saving energy whenever possible. Our mission is to help the environment one step at a time while providing our customers with money for their contribution. It's time to recycle your unwanted scrap metal to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and receive easy cash.

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