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How to Turn Aluminum Recycling into a Sustainable Habit

Posted on 20 May 2022

In a time where we’re looking for more ways to protect our environment, aluminum recycling is a sustainable practice that’s easy to adopt. Metal recycling, especially aluminum, at scrap yards in Toronto is an easy way to make extra money and create a healthier planet. When you turn collecting scrap or junk, and accumulating large quantities of aluminum for recycling to trade in at scrap yards in Toronto like Tal Metal into a regular habit you can make a surprising amount of cash. The more consistent you are with the habit, the easier the money comes. The best part about it is that your efforts enable a positive environmental impact.

In addition to fairly paying you for your scrap metal, Tal Metal will also remanufacture whatever aluminum waste you give us and help turn it into a whole new product. None of the metals that are recycled with us end up in the landfill. To make scrap metal recycling easier, we provide free scrap metal pickup services, no matter how big or small the load may be. 

Read more to learn how you can turn aluminum recycling into a sustainable habit.

Knowing Where to Look

Most of the time you can find aluminum in products that are just sitting around your home. That old garden chair collecting dust in your garage will earn you some cash when recycled. Wheelchairs, bikes, scooters and even an old window frame or computer parts will make you a quick buck at the scrap yards in Toronto.

If you just had some home renovation done, the aluminum exterior slidings that were just removed can also be recycled. If you’re serious about making this a sustainable practice, you could always source aluminum waste from commercial garages that are always getting rid of their metal waste. 

Tracking Your Recycling 

Keeping a log of all the items and cash you collect from metal recycling helps to incentivize the activity. When you can see your return, you’ll be able to easily recognize when you’re not getting that extra cash at scrap yards in Toronto. You can keep a digital log in your notes or calendar app or a paper log on your fridge or in your garage for easy reference. 

Schedule Scrap Metal Pick Ups 

Call Tal Metal and schedule a scrap metal pick up in the near future. When you know that someone is coming to pick up your unwanted metals, you won’t make the mistake of tossing it out instead of recycling your aluminum. The ease and convenience of scrap metal pick up near Toronto and around the Greater Toronto Area, makes scrap metal recycling a no-brainer. 

Environmental Benefits of Aluminum Recycling Toronto

Recycled aluminum makes up a good amount of the freshly produced aluminum products that hit the shelves. Not only does waste aluminum hold value, but recycling it is also cost-effective. What makes aluminum unique is that it does not degrade during recycling. It can be recycled over and over again while still retaining its integrity throughout the process. Better yet, remanufacturing recycled aluminum uses only 5% of the energy that is used to create a new aluminum product.

Rather than dumping aluminum waste at the landfill, recycling the metal helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Manufacturing aluminum from raw materials rather than recycled parts emits large quantities of fluorinated gasses into the atmosphere, which are the most potent and long-lasting form of greenhouse gasses that are caused by human activities.

Everytime you recycle with Tal Metal, take pride in knowing that your efforts are helping to make the planet a more clean and healthy place.

Metal Recycling with Tal Metal

When choosing Tal Metal, you choose to contribute to environmental and sustainable practices that benefit all parties involved. Whatever the volume of your metal waste, we always make sure to offer you reasonable and competitive compensation.

If you’re thinking about turning aluminum recycling into a sustainable habit, learn how we can come together and make that happen.

Contact Tal Metal today.

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