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What is Recycled Steel Used For?

Posted on 09 June 2022

Recycled Steel Has More Uses Than You Think

Recycling is a crucial part of our ecosystem, affecting our earth and future generations to come. We take pride in scrap metal recycling and its benefits to the environment and your wallet. Aluminum, brass, and copper are often considered the most valuable materials for recycling. But at Tal Metal, one of the most trusted metal scrap yards in Toronto, scrap steel is welcome and sustainable. Steel is so often used in our everyday lives and it can be recycled repeatedly. 

At our metal scrap yard in Toronto, we appreciate getting steel as it can be recycled repeatedly. Since steel is so highly used in our everyday lives, it's crucial that we recycle this metal. Carbon, mild, and stainless steel are all accepted at Tal Metal. For convenient scrap metal recycling, schedule a scrap metal pickup in Toronto.

Automotive Parts

Recycling steel is good for the environment and easy for scrap metal enthusiasts to collect since nearly every automobile in North America contains steel that was recycled. From car bodies to fenders, vehicles consist of approximately 65% of steel. Not only is it considered one of the most robust materials, but it is also the primary material used while manufacturing. Scrap metal is also used for other modes of transportation such as aircraft and ships.


The construction industry is another common user of scrap metals as they use it on various projects, including building bridges and roads. Scrap metal brought to scrap yards in Toronto can also be used for building materials, utilizing the metal in many different ways. We will take anything as simple as stainless steel utensils - our goal is to get rid of junk metal you don't need so that we can put them to good use. 


It's easy to walk past products in your local grocery store and not think about how the food containers are manufactured - it is not something on everyone's mind. Although, recycled steel is commonly reused in food packagings such as canned goods and beverage containers. More than a few canned items are made from 100% recycled materials, which is why it is important to recycle your steel instead of throwing it away. Additionally, recycling steel for food packaging uses less energy than it would to create new steel. As energy is contributed to greenhouse gases (another cause of climate change), it is another great reason to recycle your steel. 

Why Recycle with Tal Metal?

Our team at Tal Metal Inc. promises our customers that we will properly recycle the metals that you provide and pay you subsequently. As we are environmentally conscious, we guarantee that whatever waste you give us is turned into a remanufactured product. Since the customer is our prime consideration, we offer pick-up options as well. We buy and sell non-ferrous scrap metals while providing you with the most competitive rates in the GTA. 

Tal Metal Inc. is well-positioned to handle your metal needs - trust us to recycle your scrap metal in Toronto. We use the dynamics of the market so that you can make the most money out of your scrap metal. If you have any questions regarding what you can bring in or any other inquiries, we are here to help. 

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