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Streamline Metal Recycling During Home Renovations

Posted on 23 June 2022

Summer is the time for home renovations. Despite spring cleaning being just a few months behind us, renovations can lead to a build-up of junk as homeowners create waste from demolitions, rebuilds, or just by clearing out storage areas and uncovering hidden treasure. Scrap metal pickup in Toronto from scrap yards in Toronto helps to streamline metal recycling so you can focus on your renovations while also granting you the ability to make easy money from your accumulated scrap waste.

Tal Metal offers various services to help your scrap metal recycling go safely and smoothly. We provide curbside scrap metal pickup in Toronto, which can be scheduled in advance in case you need to add multiple pickups to your case. All the metals that are picked up are recycled appropriately, with none ending up in the landfill. In this blog, we’ll offer tips on how to streamline your scrap metal pickup at one of our scrap yards in Toronto.

Schedule A Pickup Ahead

At Tal Metal, we give residential, commercial, and industrial properties the opportunity to schedule a curbside pickup for their scrap metal waste. We can accommodate any load, big or small. We offer the ability to schedule multiple pickups in advance in case you find more scrap metal junk after arranging for the initial pickup. We want to manage your metal needs, from handling everything from ferrous to nonferrous metals. Our pickup services are prompt and reliable, and we are driven to provide competitive pricing for your scrap waste.

Using A Rental Bin

In addition to offering curbside pickups, another service provided by Tal Metal is the ability to rent a bin that can match whatever your metal recycling needs may be. These bins can also be scheduled for dropoff and pickup and can be borrowed for a defined period. Renting a bin is one of the most convenient ways to deal with your accumulated metal waste. All you have to do is fill the bin with your scrap metal waste, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Sorting Your Metal Waste

Another way to streamline your metal recycling and make the process go as smoothly as possible is to sort whatever waste you have. Sorting your metals from ferrous (steel, iron) and nonferrous (aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, etc.) will save you both time and energy. Ferrous metals don’t hold much monetary value compared to their nonferrous counterparts, but all metals are still recycled with Tal Metal. You should also take the time to clean any contaminated metals, as you may not get the best bang for your buck. In some cases, the metal may not be able to be recycled at all, depending on the level of contamination. 

Recycling with Tal Metal

Tal Metal wants to do business with you, whether you are a residential homeowner or construction operator. We can shift our services to meet whatever your needs may be, from big or small loads to pickup and dropoff. We’re also here to provide our experience and expertise to ensure your recycling goes smoothly.

Contact Tal Metal now to find out how we can accommodate your recycling needs!

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