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How Can I Make Money With Metal Recycling?

Posted on 19 October 2020

Scrap metal recycling provides a number of incredible environmental and ecological benefits to society, as well as the entire earth. However, that really isn’t news to most people. After all, we have known for years of the advantages that recycling products have. What many people may be surprised to find out is that it can also offer quite a financial benefit as well.

When it comes to scrap metal recycling in Toronto, Mississauga and the general GTA, Tal Metal is one of the most reliable (and well-paying) companies around.

How Does Scrap Metal Recycling Work?

Instead of dumping piles of money (metal products) into landfills and waste locations all over the country, individuals can take their scrap metal items to a recycling service like Tal Metal. Participating in this process will not only help the environment, but it will also put a little bit of extra money in their pocket. The process is quick and easy. All you have to do is arrange a drop-off or pick up at the location and Tal Metal will take over from there!

Once the items are in our possession, they will be melted down and prepared for the repurposing of materials, for manufacture and resale. Looking for scrap metal recycling in Toronto, Mississauga and the general GTA, we are available and easily accessible for all your scrap metal recycling needs. 

How Does One Make Money With It?

The fact of the matter is that right now you may have spare money lying around all over your house and yard and probably don’t even know it. Those old appliances in the garage that haven’t worked in years, your outdated electronics and devices, as well as basically anything containing copper, steel, aluminum or other metals, can all be redeemed for cash simply by taking them in for scrap metal recycling!

Cost and Value of Various Metals

While the exact price of metals may change daily, we can offer a basic break down of the cost of each from low end to high end:

Steel - $

Aluminum - $

Brass - $$

Copper - $$$$

These are the most popular and in-demand metals for the purposes of recycling and redistribution.

While the benefits that scrap metal recycling offers the environment is certainly reason enough to make the effort to participate in it, that fact that it can also provide a financial perk definitely doesn’t hurt matters. If more people were aware of the personal (and global) economic benefits of turning in their metals for repurposing, perhaps we could increase the amount of recycling while reducing the amount of mining and new production.

This is where a company like Tal Metal comes in. We take those unused metal items that would normally end up in a landfill somewhere and put them back into use. To learn more, simply give us a call at (905) 660-7081) or stop by and see us in person at 84 Drumlin Circle, Concord – Ontario, L4K 3E9.

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