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Scrap Metal Opportunities in Old Plumbing Materials

Posted on 28 November 2022

Plumbers and plumbing companies come into contact with large amounts of scrap metal daily, and most people don't realize how much money they can make by scheduling scrap metal pick up in Toronto. By collecting old pipes, copper tubing, brass fittings, hot water heaters, and more, you can drop off your unused items at Tal Metal's Toronto junk yard for scrap metal in exchange for cash. If you're a busy plumber or run a large plumbing business, collecting and exchanging scrap metal is a great way to help the environment while earning extra income. 

If you're curious about how to capitalize on scrap metal opportunities in old plumbing materials, continue reading. 

Why Choose Scrap Metal Pick Up in Toronto

Whether you're a plumber or renovating your property, a great place to find scrap metal is from the plumbing during a home renovation or demolition. Pipes, brass faucets, valves, stainless steel sinks, and clawfoot cast iron tubs are all valuable scrap metals that can be exchanged for cash at a Toronto junk yard. The non-ferrous metal used in plumbing fixtures and pipes, like copper and brass, brings in more money per pound. In addition, large fixtures like cast iron tubs and sinks add weight and contribute to the payout. Tal Metal buys, segregates, and trades all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We also purchase, sort, and distribute non-ferrous metals for industrial and commercial clients, ensuring that all scrap metals are recycled and reused efficiently. By recycling your scrap metals, 90% less energy is used to mine new materials, and you can significantly reduce your environmental footprint. 

Copper Tubing

Both number 1 and number 2 copper tubing is one of the most common sources of scrap metal and is highly valuable, so collecting the material over time is essential. Number 1 copper tubing is worth more, so be on the lookout for zero corrosion, paint, brass fittings, or solder attached to the copper pipe. If you have burnt copper wire or copper with a light tin coating or solder, it's identified as number 2 copper tubing and priced lower but still worth quite a bit. To earn money on your unwanted metals, contact Tal Metal for scrap metal pick up in Toronto.

Hot Water Heaters

Plumbing companies are called to residential and commercial properties daily to replace hot water heaters. Water heaters are primarily made from stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass and are commonly seen in scrap yards across North America. At Tal Metal, we purchase ferrous metals like stainless steel in exchange for a reasonable amount of cash.


As with most scrap metals, brass prices constantly fluctuate and depend on the material's composition. Since brass is composed of zinc and copper, it's worth depends on the percentage of copper it contains. The higher the rate of copper, the higher the scrap metal price. Red and yellow brass is most commonly found in plumbing and will have a higher value than brass mixed with other metals. Tal Metal offers scrap metal drop off and pick up in the GTA for various scrap metals, providing our customers with the best prices in the industry. 

Choose Tal Metal for Scrap Metal Recycling

At Tal Metal, we offer our customers the most competitive rates in the Greater Toronto Area. We value the scrap metal we receive as it not only helps the environment but also puts extra cash in our customer's pockets. Tal Metal offers scrap metal pick up and drop off, making recycling accessible to individuals and businesses in Toronto and surrounding areas. 

Are you ready to earn some extra money while caring for the environment? Choose Tal Metal for pick up or drop off services in the GTA.

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