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Scrap Metal in Toronto

Posted on 13 August 2014

If you’re collecting scrap metal in Toronto, the greatest potential for success is collecting scrap that is in high demand. And if collecting scrap has turned into a business, or even a part-time business, then high demand scrap is the one that will deliver the best price.  The most common of the metals, like copper, aluminum, and iron are routinely in demand by scrap dealers – but keeping an eye on specific metal pricing is always advantageous.  Local scrap yards like Tal Metal Recycling will often pay cash for scrap metal, but the collector who properly sorts and separates the scrap will always get the best price.  The reputable scrap yards like Tal Metal Recycling do everything under one roof – they buy and process scrap metal of all kinds, and offer collectors competitive prices, again, depending on the quantity and quality of the delivery.

For the most part, everything you need to know about collecting and selling scrap metal in Toronto is accessible over the Internet.  As with every endeavor, the more you know, the better you are, so as a collector, it’s vital to know which scrap is currently in demand, and what the yards are paying.  After all, making good money is dependent on selling at the highest price point. Non-ferrous metals (non-magnetic metals), for example, are more valuable than ferrous, and should be the focus for the serious collector.  However, beyond the selling price of the scrap, there are some important factors to take into consideration: the volume of scrap metal being collected; the delivery of scrap to the yard; and the long-term supply potential to the yard.  Clearly, the serious collector has to be committed to finding new sources of scrap; to sorting the scrap for quality; and to ensuring reliable supplies to the scrap yard.

The good news is that scrap metal is available everywhere. Household appliances, like washers and dryers, for instance, are very valuable – they obviously have a sheet metal composition, but they also have inside mechanisms that contain a lot of copper wiring (the most valuable metal).  And if you can source automobile scrap, the inner workings are even more valuable:  every vehicle contains steel, aluminum, and copper throughout.  But even here, its critical for the collector to properly sort and separate, otherwise, the more work the scrap yard has to do, the lower your price.

Tal Metal Recycling does it all – from collection and processing, to recycling and distribution of scrap metal in Toronto, and throughout the GTA.  But although it’s a supply and demand business for both the collector and the scrap yard, the overall benefits of recycling metal are also important:  tons and tons of scrap metal are not going to regional landfill sites; by recycling and re-using, the mining and extraction of virgin ore is reduced; and along the way, air and water pollution are both minimized.  That’s the so-called “big picture”.  The “local picture”, for scrap collectors and scrap dealers, is more about collecting and selling at the best possible price.

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