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Summer Junk to Send to Scrap Yards in Toronto

Posted on 05 September 2023

With back-to-school and dropping temperatures, September marks the unofficial end of summer. During the switch from the summer months to the fall, many people use this time to pack away summer items. As you sort through various areas of your property, you may find yourself encountering valuable metal that you can get money back on when you send them to a scrap yard in Toronto. With great prices and reliable scrap metal pickup, Tal Metal is a top choice for people throughout the city looking to cash in on their old and unwanted summer junk.

Learn what you can send to a scrap yard in Toronto to make a little cash and declutter after the summer.

Old BBQ Grills

Summer barbecues are a cherished tradition, but what happens to that old grill when you’ve upgraded it with a newer more modern model. Instead of letting it succumb to the elements in your backyard, consider sending it to a scrap yard in Toronto. Many grills contain aluminum parts, which are highly recyclable and fetch a decent price at Tal Metal. By opting for aluminum recycling, you not only free up space but also contribute to a greener planet.

Broken Bicycles

Summer often means outdoor adventures, and for many, that includes cycling. Once your family’s bikes are no longer fit for the trails anymore, they might be fit fit for metal recycling. Bicycles contain various metal components that scrap yards can process, so don't hesitate to turn that old two-wheeler into some extra cash.

Unused Lawn Furniture

As the days grow shorter, you might be thinking of storing your outdoor furniture until next summer. Take this opportunity to assess which pieces are no longer in good shape. If you find metal-framed furniture that's beyond repair, consider arranging a scrap metal pickup with Tal Metal. Your worn-out chairs and tables can be recycled into new products, and you'll have more space in your storage area.

Defunct Air Conditioners

Summer wouldn't be complete without air conditioning to beat the heat. However, older or malfunctioning units can be a burden. Many air conditioners contain valuable metals like copper and aluminum. By recycling them at a scrap yard in Toronto, you not only receive compensation but also help reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing new units.

Broken Swing Sets

If you have children, summer often means enjoying playground equipment like swing sets. Over time, these structures can deteriorate or become unsafe. Instead of letting them take up space in your backyard, contact Tal Metal for a scrap metal pickup. The metal components can be recycled, and you'll create a safer play area for your kids.

Unused Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are excellent for extending your outdoor enjoyment during cooler summer evenings. However, if you have a unit that's no longer functioning or needed, it can be turned into profit through metal recycling. The various metal parts in these heaters can be reclaimed and repurposed.

Clean Up Your Summer Supplies with Scrap Metal Pickup

Don’t keep unwanted and dysfunctional summer equipment this fall. Get your home or business cleared and organized for a new season with convenient and reliable scrap metal pickup. 

Contact us today. 

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