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The Most Common Scrap You Can Cash In on with Aluminum Recycling

Posted on 17 February 2022

If you aren’t already aware, the aluminum scraps sitting around your home or in your garage collecting dust are likely to have some dollar value to it. Scrap yards in Toronto will pay good money for your metal scraps, and there are some types of aluminum that you can always rely on for easy cash when recycled.

Although metal scrap prices are influenced by the inevitable ups and downs of the market, the aluminum recycling program at Tal Metal will pay you for your metal scraps regardless. Additionally, we offer free pickup services for your aluminum junk. Read on to find out the common types of aluminum that you can make an easy buck off of when recycled.

Common Types Of Aluminum Scraps

  • The most common type of aluminum scrap comes from aluminum cans, car parts, and old appliances. It may come as a surprise to learn that there are other forms of aluminum waste lying around your home that will guarantee a buck when dropped off at scrap yards in Toronto. 
  • One of them is sheet aluminum, including everything from lawn chairs to window frames and even light pot gauges or pans.  Then there’s cast aluminum, which is any form of aluminum that appears to have been shaped from a mold. This ranges from BBQ grills to home applications and even light pole bases.
  • Any type of aluminum that has steel bolts going through it, or is attached with rubber, steel or plastic parts, falls under the dirty aluminum category. While this type of aluminum recycling is still accepted, you may not get the best price off of it, as it can be a challenge to recycle non-aluminum materials with “clean” aluminum.
  • The aluminum siding and gutters of your home also have some value – that is, if your home has it. This type of aluminum waste is becoming a thing of the past, as most residential homes nowadays opt-in for vinyl siding.
  • Aluminum wires are also accepted at scrap yards in Toronto. It’s easy to mistake them for copper wires, but what makes them distinguishable is their silver colour and their non-magnetic properties. 
  • Lastly, the aluminum rims on the tires of your old vehicle also have significant value at the scrap yard. More bang for your buck can be made by extracting the trims from tires before sending them off for recycling.

Recycling Your Aluminum at Scrap Yards in Toronto

Collecting any of the mentioned aluminum scraps lying around your home and recycling them at once can make you some serious cash. If you’re considering going the extra mile to contribute to aluminum recycling, Tal Metal recommends collecting scraps from commercial garages, who are more than likely to dump their aluminum waste rather than recycle them. The same goes for visiting home renovation sites, as discarded aluminum sidings tend to head to the landfill rather than the scrapyard.

Tal Metal recognizes the cost-effectiveness of recycling waste aluminum, as recovered aluminum contributes significantly to new aluminum material. It’s a win-win for everyone involved: you make a buck for helping to remanufacture aluminum, which in turn reduces toxic emissions and conserves energy. 

Contact Tal Metal now to get more information about how you can make the most out of your aluminum waste!

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