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Why Add Metal Recycling to Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Posted on 15 March 2022

Spring cleaning is approaching, and with that comes the opportunity to declutter your home and finally get around to freeing your household of some old junk that’s been lying around for ages. But during your deep cleaning dive, you may unearth some scrap metal items that you can recycle and turn into quick cash, rather than discarding them in the trash for nothing.

At Tal Metal, we can list off a number of benefits that come with recycling your metal waste at one of our scrap yards in Toronto. Not only are you cleansing your home of old scrap junk that you can turn into quick and easy money, but it’s healthy for the environment as well, as the majority of the recycled metals we collect goes towards re-manufacturing new products. We offer competitive prices for your metal waste and even provide free scrap metal pick up in Toronto.

Earning Extra Cash at Scrap Yards in Toronto

The Tal Metal team is here to advise you on what metals are more valuable than others and which metal scraps will ensure you the most bang for your buck. The most common and profitable scrap metals include copper tubing and wire, sheet aluminum, light iron and cast iron, electric car parts and motors, and end-of-life home appliances.

  • Copper: Scrap copper is the most commonly recycled metal, with high-quality copper being in high demand. This includes anything from copper wiring, hardware and piping.
  • Brass: You can make easy money when recycling high volumes of brass. The heavy metal can be found across various products, from door hardware to plumbing fittings.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is widely available and is also a frequently recycled metal at our scrap yards in Toronto. Aluminum recycling is important because It can be incorporated into various products, such as pop cans, window frames, car parts and home hardware.

Decluttering for the Environment

Rounding up all the old metal junk in your home during spring cleaning and recycling them in volumes not only gives you more money and space to breathe, but your contributions are going towards a worthy cause.

Recycling scrap metal limits the amount of waste at landfills, helping to reduce toxic waste from old electronics and computers that can contaminate the soil, water and air we breathe. By taking your scrap metals and recycling them into new products, we are also helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By offering free scrap metal pick up in Toronto, we save you the trouble of lugging your scrap metal to one of our scrap yards. This cost and energy-efficient approach not only helps you make money faster, but it ensures that your junk is being handled appropriately rather than being sent to the landfill.

Recycling with Scrap Metal Pick Up

Who would’ve thought that spring cleaning could turn your old junk into easy money and an environmentally-friendly refurbished product? At Tal Metal, our goal is to meet your recycling needs and ensure that you are getting paid deservingly for your discarded scrap metal. We customize our service based on what you require, from reliable pick up to handling all kinds of metals in different grades and volumes.

To find out how you can make easy money off of your recycling, contact a Tal Metal expert directly. 

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