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Turn Your Old Car into Cash with Scrap Metal Recycling

Posted on 04 January 2023

It's not unusual to have an old car sitting in your garage or storage unit that you once loved, collecting dust and, in some cases, collecting rust. While the old car may hold some sentimental value, it may have the potential to generate value through scrap metal recycling. Cars are built with a whole host of metal products that can be traded for money at a scrap metal junk yard in Toronto. With Tal Metals, you can easily submit high-quality scrap metal and start this year off with more money in your pocket and less junk in your life. 

Read on to learn more about cashing in on scrap metal recycling and your car. 

Types of Metal Used in Cars

Depending on the make, model, and age of your car, you will find a range of metals in varying quantities. You'll often find stainless steel (a ferrous alloy abundant in modern vehicles), aluminum, titanium, iron, gold, platinum, and more. While not all metals are valued equally, with enough of even the lower quality metals, you can collect a significant amount with scrap metal recycling. 

  • Aluminum is one of the most highly sought-after metals at scrap yards and junk yards in Toronto. This is because aluminum is a durable and resilient metal that can be recycled infinitely. Aluminum is used for many car parts to avoid corrosion. It can sometimes be found in wheels, transmissions, ac condensers, pipes, engines, electrical wiring, and the vehicle's frame. Not only will aluminum recycling deliver good value it will also support sustainability in the manufacturing sectors by reducing the dependency on mining.
  • Copper, like aluminum, is another high-value material that is collected for scrap metal recycling. While it is not as prevalent as stainless steel or aluminum, copper offers a high return and can still be found in certain areas around the car. Copper is typically used in wiring systems, alternators, starters, radiators, and even air conditioning units. The average car is said to have approximately 55 lbs of copper. If you can clean and extract even a fraction of that copper from your vehicle and send it to a metal junk yard in Toronto, you will receive a significant return. To learn the exact rates for copper, reach out to the Tal Metal team directly.
  • Gold, a precious metal known for its value, can actually be hidden in the circuits of your car. While older cars probably have less gold than more current cars, it's still possible to uncover bits of the metal in onboard computers and electrical systems that run the dashboards and speedometers.

Make Scrap Metal Recycling Easy in the GTA 

Once you collect, clean, and prepare to trade in all your scrap metal in Toronto, all that's left to do is bring it to a local metal junk yard in Toronto scrap metal recycling. At Tal Metal, we make trading in your scrap metal easy with convenient scrap metal pick-up in Toronto and nearby areas. Our teams will come directly to you and pick up your treasures for maximum convenience. 

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