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Why Use a Bin Rental in Toronto for Home Projects

Posted on 25 April 2022

Spring can get you excited to get started on summer projects. With more materials on the market for the first time in a couple of months, DIY-ers can get going on projects that they’ve banked. As you renovate, demolish, and remodel your home, you'll likely be left with junk and old materials that need to be disposed of. Bin rental in Toronto can help you manage your waste. Depending on who you source your bin from, your garbage can be properly discarded at a dumpsite or your metal waste appropriately recycled at one of the scrap yards in Toronto.

From construction debris to industrial waste, Tal Metal offers bin rental in Toronto services to meet whatever your metal recycling needs may be. Whether it’s a large or medium bin, we can deliver the bin to your site and pick it up once you’ve filled it with metal waste, which is properly recycled at our scrap yards in Toronto. Read more to learn about the benefits of using a rental bin when working with your waste.

Faster Cleanup

Using a rental bin can save you a lot of time cleaning up and sorting out your metal waste. Rather than stacking your scrap metal on top of each other, or bunching them together into a pile, all that waste can be simply tossed into the rental bin. With Tal Metal, you don’t have to worry about disposing of your waste. All you need to do is fill your bin, and we’ll take it from there.

Better Organized

Without a rental bin, it may be difficult to place and organize all your scrap metal. It doesn’t get easier if you’re dealing with an extensive renovation or demolition project. Organizing woes can be thrown out the window with a rental bin: all your waste can be discarded in one place. 

The Safer Approach

The scrap metal and industrial waste you’re disposing of can be hazardous if not properly managed or handled. Leaving it lying around can create a risk for people walking by, workers, family members, neighbours and even pets. A rental bin acts as a safe space to temporarily store all that waste at your site. Scrap metal can sometimes be sharp and have rough edges. A rental bin reduces the risks and keeps your environment safe. 

Separating Metals & Avoiding Garbage Issues 

When renting a recycling bin with Tal Metal, we can pick up your bin and adequately dispose of your waste. It’s important for us to separate the garbage from the scrap metal – the garbage goes to the dump, while the scrap metal is recycled. Whatever the waste, we ensure that it is appropriately taken care of. Also, by renting a bin, you avoid navigating strict garbage bylaws and disposal fees. 

Renting With Tal Metal 

Tal Metal offers a wide range of rental bins, from 14-yard to 30-yard containers. All are driveway friendly which allows for easy dropoff and pickup. We also provide a list of items that can and cannot be disposed of in the bin.

Contact Tal Metal now to get a quote on your rental bin!

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