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Scrap Metal You Might Find Hiding in Your Garage

Posted on 10 May 2022

It may come as a surprise to you, but all that scrap metal sitting in your garage may carry a lot of value. Instead of leaving it in your garage to collect dust, you can hand it over to one of the many scrap yards in Toronto and collect some easy money. From scrap aluminum to the brass pieces of your old car, there’s a lot of potential worth hiding in your garage.

Tal Metal will not only pay you for the scrap metal you give us, but we also provide free scrap metal pick up in Toronto to save you the trouble of lugging your metal waste to our scrap yards. Recycling with us helps reduce the amount of scrap metal dumped at landfills, which is harmful to the environment. Additionally, we remanufacture metal waste into new products, which helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions used to make new metal products. 

Valuable Scrap Metal In Your Garage

That mountain of aluminum cans you’ve been piling up for quite some time now can earn you a lot of money when dropped off at one of our scrap yards in Toronto. When dropped off in bulk, aluminum cans are perhaps the easiest way to make a considerable amount of quick, easy cash. 

Any past patio furniture sitting in your garage that’s made of aluminum carries a respectable amount of value as well. If your old vehicle has aluminum rim tires, that too can be flipped into easy money. But make sure to remove the rims from the tires before dropping them off, as this ensures more bang for your buck. The brass pieces that make up your old car also carry value at the scrap yard.

Cast aluminum – which can be anything from BBQ grills to home appliances – is a valuable scrap metal that may also be sitting in your garage. While you may not have a large quantity of such waste, and if you think dropping off the small amount at a scrap yard isn’t worth the trip, leave it to Tal Metal and our scrap metal pick up in Toronto service.

If you want to determine which metals sitting in your garage have value or not, take any sort of magnet and see if the metal sticks to it. If the metal sticks, you have a ferrous metal on your hands. Unfortunately, these metals – which include iron and steel – aren’t worth much at scrap yards. The metals that don’t stick to the magnet – copper, aluminum, brass and stainless steel – are non-ferrous and will earn you easy money.

Recycling With Tal Metal

Tal Metal can adjust our services to meet whatever your recycling needs may be. We can handle all different types of metal, and all can be picked up by our team if need be. Whatever scrap metal you give us, we make sure to pay you accordingly and to recycle it properly. Whatever waste you provide us guarantees that it’s turned into a remanufactured product.

Contact a team member at Tal Metal now to find out how we can help you make money off your scrap metal waste!

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