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Winter Scrap Metal Tips

Posted on 15 November 2022

The snow is quickly approaching, which means more snow days, vacation days, and well-deserved time off to complete tasks around your home that you haven’t found the time to get around to yet. Winter is one of the best times of the year to search and collect scrap metal due to the surplus of appliances being thrown away. Days off in the winter allow you to look through your garage, go through old storage boxes, organize Christmas decorations, and more. Instead of throwing away your unwanted scrap items, it’s best to schedule pick-up or drop-off services at a Toronto junk yard to exchange them for cash. As the leading scrap yard in Toronto, Tal Metal offers the latest equipment and machinery, competitive pricing, outstanding customer service, and environmentally friendly procedures. 

Continue reading for winter scrap metal tips to make the most out of your unused items. 

Holiday Decorations

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s about time to dig through your garage, storage containers, and basement for Christmas lights, metal tree stands, and many decorations. Although some Christmas decorations are sentimental, others are not and could be worth exchanging for money. 

Not only is your home a place for cash-worthy scrap metal, but you can find some valuable items by checking out local trash dumpsters and cans. Many holiday lights have insulated copper wire and can be exchanged for a reasonable price. Try putting an ad in your local newspaper, Kijiji, or Facebook Marketplace offering to pick up broken or unwanted holiday decorations, ornaments, and lights - you may be shocked at how many requests you’ll receive ahead of your visit to a scrap metal junk yard in Toronto.

Frozen Pipes

When temperatures drop or after a snowstorm, it’s common for your pipes to become frozen, leading to further issues. Sprinkler systems, residential pipes, and other types of plumbing can quickly burst, making them unusable. Instead of stressing about replacing your pipes, it’s better to know that your system is up to date and that you can get money in exchange for broken pipes. Water pipes can be extremely valuable because they contain copper, a valuable metal to scrap. Whether your pipes burst or need to be replaced, they’re great items to recycle at a scrap yard in Toronto, like Tal Metal.

HVAC Systems & Heaters

This is the time of year when people find out whether or not their HVAC system is up to speed and working efficiently. Damaged or broken heaters are typically put out by a curb or thrown out, but if you can get your hands on an old HVAC unit or heater, you’re in luck. Copper, aluminum, and steel are all used in HVAC systems, which can give you a significant return on your scrap recycling. At Tal Metal, we thoroughly sort, clean, and sustainably recycle your scrap metals in exchange for money. 

Out With The Old, and In With The New

Perhaps this Christmas season, you’ve asked Santa for a new filing cabinet, snow plow blades, shovels, and other metal-based equipment. If your wish comes true, instead of throwing out your old and worn-out equipment, we can pick it up, or you can drop it off at a Toronto junk yard for money in return.

Recycle Your Scrap Metals With Tal Metal

As the leading scrap yard in the GTA, the experts at Tal Metal have years of experience and guarantees to sustainably recycle your unwanted metals.

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