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4 Benefits of Recycling Scrap Copper

Posted on 05 November 2021

Today, scrap copper is found virtually everywhere – from electric wiring to copper plumbing to home appliances. And while there are still very high amounts of scrap copper being directed to landfill sites, there are also high volumes of copper scrap being collected and recycled at scrap yards in Toronto. For the best prices on scrap copper, it's critical to work with a reputable scrap dealer. Tal Metal is one of the more established scrap yards in Toronto, offering scrap metal pick up in Toronto and the surrounding communities. Even for the smaller scrap collector, this service is of great benefit. 

Scrapping copper has huge economic benefits, which is precisely why industries are getting more and more engaged. But there are also big environmental benefits – far less reliance on mining virgin metal and far less processing of raw materials (which is also harmful to the environment).

Recycling scrap copper stops tons of waste from needlessly going to landfill sites and is a lot easier with scrap metal pick up in Toronto with Tal Metal. More than that, copper recycling is “energy-saving” because the processing requires less energy than extracting virgin ore. It’s of great benefit in terms of energy consumption and a better carbon footprint.

Scrap Copper is Valuable

Scrap copper consistently fetches a good price on the market. Copper wiring and copper piping will generally pay more than other kinds of scrap metals. The good news is that scrap copper is readily available, and in high volume, can generate easy cash. What's important for scrap metal collectors is to identify the higher grades of copper in order to realize top dollar. As well, the copper must be free of insulation, plastic, and any other contaminants.

Scrap Copper is Sustainable

Although scrap copper might be considered garbage, recycling the waste material is sustainable. The fact is, scrap copper can be recycled, re-processed, and re-manufactured many times over. It can be melted down and fabricated into a brand-new product with much less expense than processing and manufacturing from virgin materials. Copper has a substantial lifespan in any application, and recycling the metal means that no garbage is generated.

Scrap Copper is Abundant

Because scrap copper is desirable at the scrapyard, it pays collectors to explore all possible sources. Televisions, monitors, and electronic components all contain copper wire, but the wiring has to be clean and free of contaminants. Likewise with computers and hard drives. Appliances like fridges, dishwashers, and dryers are also a good source of high-quality copper wire. But in all cases, the copper wire must be delivered as clean as possible for the best price.

Scrap Metal Pickup in Toronto

Tal Metal is one of the full-service metal scrap yards in Toronto, offering reliable scrap metal pick up in Toronto and vicinity. We currently coordinate a safe and convenient pickup service for each of our residential and business customers.

We specialize in non-ferrous scrap metal, which would include copper, aluminum, brass, and others. With high-quality scrap metal, we offer our customers the most competitive pricing on the market, particularly when copper is in demand.

Contact Tal Metal today to schedule your scrap metal pick up in the Greater Toronto Area.

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