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How Aluminum Recycling Contributes to a Circular Economy

Posted on 16 November 2021

Aluminum recycling is one of the most integral components of a circular economy. That’s because aluminum is the most recyclable metal on earth and with a capacity to be recycled over and over again without losing any inherent integrity. As a result, aluminum is always in demand at scrap yards in Toronto. With high volumes and good quality scrap, the prices are very good around the year. More than that, the recycling process re-directs tons of waste from landfill sites. 

Statistically, 75% of all aluminum produced is actually still in use today because it’s so highly recyclable. This is considered a close-to-perfect example of a “closed-loop” circular economy. And with aluminum, the contribution only grows. If you want to participate in aluminum recycling, contact Tal Metal, to learn about scrap metal recycling at one of the top scrap yards in Toronto.

What Is he Circular Economy?

A circular economy is essentially the “flipside” of a traditional linear economy that takes, makes, and wastes. A circular economy aims to do three things:  significantly reduce waste, recover resources of end-of-life products, and channel those resources back into production. In short, it’s an approach that aims to reduce the negative environmental impacts of production. In the big picture, the idea is to encourage both sustainable consumption and production.

Aluminum and The Circular Economy

Aluminum can be easily defined as the most “circular” metal amongst all metals. It’s infinitely recyclable and can be cost-effectively remanufactured into new material. Importantly, aluminum does not lose any of its quality attributes during the recycling process, making it economically viable in the circular economy. More than that, recycling aluminum uses a fraction of the energy compared to mining and processing virgin ore – a huge contribution to the circular economy.

How to Start Recycling Aluminum in Toronto

While many homeowners associate aluminum recycling with municipal collections, more serious collectors can generate a good return when collecting large volumes of aluminum waste. Dealing with a reliable scrap yard also has benefits. As one of the leading scrap yards in Toronto, Tal Metal provides a host of recycling services to both residential and commercial customers. Best of all, we make every effort to offer the most competitive prices for good quality aluminum scrap.

Where to Find Aluminum Scrap 

Probably the most common source of aluminum waste is in the form of drink cans and food cans. Around the home, aluminum scrap is plentiful – from lawn furniture to window frames to siding to electronics. But because it's lightweight, the objective is to collect high volumes. As well, the cleaner the aluminum waste, the better the price at the scrap dealer. Whatever the case, aluminum scrap metal is always in high demand and will usually fetch a reasonable price.

Aluminum Recycling at Tal Metal

Although Tal Metal collects and processes aluminum scrap, we specialize in all types of non-ferrous metals, including copper and brass. We offer a full-service approach for both residential and commercial customers, and we provide that service in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Based on fluctuations in the metal market, we do our best to provide the best possible prices.

Contact Tal Metal to schedule a scrap metal pick in Toronto or to learn more!

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