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Scrap Metal Tips For the Holidays

Posted on 02 December 2021

During the holidays, scrap yards in Toronto offer a unique opportunity for recycling all kinds of unwanted items that have accumulated. At Tal Metal, we offer convenient scrap metal pick-up in Toronto, making scrap metal recycling even more manageable.The holiday season is often a time for disposing of old and obsolete items that have accumulated throughout the year. And these days, it's critical to recycle items wherever possible instead of throwing them out and contributing to overflowing landfills.

Whatever the scrap – whether it’s holiday décor, old lighting, or even electronics – it’s a good opportunity to clear things. And when it’s possible, recycling at local scrap yards in Toronto should be considered before dumping everything into the garbage heap. With scrap metal pick-up in Toronto from Tal Metal, you won’t even have to leave your home. 

Plenty of Holiday Scrap

The holidays are a time of year when there’s more trash than usual. And January is an ideal time to collect as much as possible for the scrap yard. It's often surprising how much there is.

Electric Holiday Lights: While there may be some restrictions, many holiday string lights can actually be recycled (bulbs need to be removed). For a scrap yard, it’s the copper wire that’s most attractive and valuable.

Obsolete Electronics: With new electronics arriving during the holiday season, old devices and equipment should be recycled. They all contain valuable metals, including copper, aluminum, and even gold and silver.

Outdated Appliances: Often, the holidays welcome a new stove, fridge, or dishwasher, while the outdated appliances are ready for the trash heap. These contain valuable metals that scrap yards are prepared to take.

Recycling Old Bikes: When bicycles are beyond repair, it’s possible to recycle the metal parts at a local scrap yard for some quick cash. This also applies to outdoor metal furniture and swing sets that are ready to go.

Old Plumbing Pipes: Whether plumbing pipes are damaged, broken, or ready to replace, the copper content is one of the more high-demand metals for scrap yards. Rigid copper plumbing pipes are most valuable.

What Can't be Recycled Conventionally?

The holiday season typically generates high volumes of used batteries. These can’t be recycled conventionally and need to be safely disposed of at a suitable facility. Another material that is not typically accepted for recycling is foam packaging – although some municipalities have made special arrangements for disposal. There are also certain metal materials that can’t be recycled, mainly because they contain toxins. These would include empty paint cans, pots and pans, motor oil cans, and propane tanks – they are considered hazardous materials. They should be taken to an appropriate site for special handling. Trashing these for landfill sites is less than responsible.

Scrap Metal Pick Up in Toronto

As one of the more established scrap yards in Toronto, Tal Metal offers scrap metal pick to customers in and around the Toronto area. We collect, process, and recycle non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper and brass. And our pick-up service makes it convenient for residential and commercial customers. With the fluctuations of scrap metal prices, we make every effort to offer our customers the best possible price for scrap metal.

Contact us today to schedule your scrap metal pick up in Toronto.

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