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How Scrap Metal Recycling Reduces Greenhouse Gasses

Posted on 08 September 2022

Climate change is a big concern and worry is increasing each and every day. As one of the most defining issues of our times, you can help minimize greenhouse gas emissions with scrap metal recycling and the Tal Metal team. Greenhouse gasses from mining metal is one of the most significant contributors to climate change. As the leading scrap yard in Toronto and the surrounding area, Tal Metal is dedicated to properly recycling scrap metal quickly and efficiently. 

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Continue reading to learn more about scrap metal recycling at Tal Metal and how we effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Why Reducing Greenhouse Gasses Matters 

The overall effects of climate change impose a huge risk on our planet and the future population. Greenhouse gasses and climate change cause sea levels to rise, pollution of the air and water, and an increase in the Earth's overall temperature. At Tal Metal, we are motivated to provide a cleaner environment. Scrap metal recycling significantly reduces the number of greenhouse gasses emitted, helping the fight against climate change. At Tal Metal, simply recycle your unused or scrap metal to receive cash back - all while helping the environment. 

How Metal Mining Impacts the Environment

Mining for metal ores increases gas emissions from equipment to land disturbances, soil, water, and the air are all contaminated by the mining industry which in turn drastically alter weather patterns and climate on a local and national scale. On average, metal produces 1.85 tons of carbon dioxide, accounting for around 8% of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions. When unwanted metal is not recycled at scrap yards in Toronto, more metal mining is required to compensate for our dependence on these materials in our everyday life. 

Scrap metal recycling is more than just a great way to earn extra cash, but it minimizes our reliance on mining, by repurposing metal that is already in circulation. 

At Tal Metal, we understand the environmental impacts of greenhouse gasses and take all the necessary steps to accurately recycle scrap metals. Visit our scrap yard in Toronto for effective metal recycling services. 

How Scrap Metal Recycling Reduces Greenhouse Gasses

Mining for metals requires equipment and resources for extraction, producing many greenhouse gasses. By recycling your scrap metal, the Tal Metal team can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost 40% in water pollution and over 80% in air pollution. In addition, the amount of landfill waste is immensely decreased. The professionals at Tal Metal always take special care of the scrap metal, ensuring everything gets recycled correctly.

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