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How to Get the Best Return From Your Scrap Metal

Posted on 08 February 2022

Many homeowners tend to overlook the amount of scrap metal that has accumulated around the house and garden. This is all quality scrap that can be easily assembled and collected for extra cash. In fact, scrap yards like Tal Metal make the entire process simple with their scrap metal pick up in Toronto. As one of the leading scrap yards in Toronto, Tal Metal can also provide tips on how to get the best return from scrap metal.

Developing a good relationship with local scrap yards in Toronto is a great way to start things off. It’s an excellent first step in getting the most cash for various amounts of scrap metal. The truth is, scrap metal prices are primarily influenced by the market, but with a good relationship going, the scrap yard can provide information as to what’s in demand at the time. Turning scrap metal into quick cash can actually become an ongoing endeavour with scrap metal pick up in Toronto. 

Understanding Different Types of Scrap Metal

It’s important to understand the different types of metals in your scrap. Ferrous metals (those that contain iron) are quite common but are the least valuable. On the other hand, nonferrous metals like copper and aluminum are more valuable and will therefore fetch more cash. Here again, it’s the fluctuating market prices that will dictate what the scrap yard will offer in terms of dollars.

Separating the Scrap Metal Material

Sorting and separating scrap metal will typically get a better return because the scrap yard doesn’t have to do the work. For example, aluminum materials should be organized together, copper materials in the same way, and so on with other metals. This makes it easier for the scrap yard to further process the materials at their end while giving you the maximum return possible.

Overall Condition of the Scrap Metal

Although scrap metal is considered trash, the condition of the scrap actually matters to the scrap yard. The biggest problem for a scrap yard is rust, and because it’s a contaminant, the price will suffer depending on the volume of metal collected. Another example is copper wiring, mainly because the plastic covering needs to be removed completely to keep the wire metal as clean as possible.

Some Tools and Equipment Required

Scrap yards like Tal Metal employ sophisticated machinery to manage and process high volumes of scrap. As for the typical collector, it may be an advantage to have some basics – like magnets and scales. Magnets are a crucial tool in identifying ferrous and nonferrous metals, while scales make it easier to estimate the amount of scrap metal that will be priced by the scrap yard.

Scrap Metal Pick Up in Toronto

For scrap metal pick up in Toronto, Tal Metal offers a convenient service that better streamlines the recycling process for homeowners. As one of the more established scrap yards in Toronto, Tal Metal makes every effort to provide collectors with the best possible prices. We can also advise on which metals are in demand and which are most worth collecting and assembling.  

Contact Tal Metal today to Schedule a Scrap Metal Pick Up in Toronto.

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