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Recycling Your Scrap Copper in Brampton

Posted on 16 October 2018

There are many reasons as to why you may want to recycle your scrap copper in Brampton, as copper recycling has numerous benefits for you and the environment. Recycled copper is almost as valuable as the original copper: the metal is simply collected, melted down, and manufactured as a new copper product. This reduces the amount of harmful sulphate gases released into the atmosphere during the copper extraction process.

By taking your time to learn how to recycle scrap copper in Brampton, not only will you prevent waste from going to a landfill, but you can also make some quick cash. Copper is all around us: electric wires and cables, plumbing pipes, kitchen and bathroom faucets… If you are building or renovating and have scrap like this, you can easily sell it to a scrap dealer like Tal Metal. Copper prices are quite stable on the market and recycling copper is just an easy way to make some cash.

Scrap Copper in Brampton That you Can Find at Home or Work

In order to properly recycle scrap copper, you need to first know where to find it. Luckily, you are surrounded by recyclable copper products in your everyday life, whether you are at home or at work. Take a look around your house or garage, and you will find a good deal of recyclable copper in a variety of places. Some examples of common household copper items include:

  • Small electrical appliances
  • AC units and systems
  • Electric motors or generators
  • Older TV’s and radios
  • Computers and cell phones
  • Fridges and stoves
  • Fitness equipment
  • Door knobs
  • Light switches and sockets
  • Sink taps

Most of the household appliances contain recyclable copper. If you are searching for the scrap metal dealer who will purchase your scrap copper in Brampton, Tal Metal is the place to go. We will offer competitive market prices for your end-of-life household appliances. Recycling old laundry or kitchen appliances is definitely much more profitable than simply throwing them away: all that extra cash can be invested into buying a new washing machine or stove!

Some of the larger copper items are recyclable as well. This includes copper pipes and wires, old cars, electrical equipment from warehouses, and much more. An interesting fact is that scrap copper wire is considered number one in the metal recycling sector. You can find it virtually anywhere: air conditioners, automobiles, building materials, and more.

Why Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Copper?

Everyone has heard about the three R’s of helping the environment: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. In short, this means:

  • Reduce the amount of waste products used
  • Reuse as many products as possible
  • Recycle when products are not needed anymore

Chances are, you are familiar with recycling paper, plastic, or glass, but not quite sure how to go about recycling copper. Here is what you should do with your copper products to aid the environment as much as possible:

Reduce. Copper products last for a very long time and function well years after the purchase. Don’t fall for the temptation of purchasing a newer model unless it is really needed.

Reuse. Household appliances, such as stoves or washing machines, as well as computers and cell phones, can be given a second life by simply passing them on to others.

Recycle. Scrap copper in Brampton should be collected and recycled by a reliable scrap metal dealer. Then, the metal can be melted, casted, and manufactured into a new copper product.

Benefits of Recycling Copper

Apart from earning you money, reducing, reusing, and recycling your scrap copper in Brampton has a number of economic and environmental benefits.


During mining and purification of copper, harmful waste gases, such as sulphur dioxide, are released into the atmosphere. In contrast, with recycling, there are next to no harmful gases emitted.

Landfill costs

Copper products and appliances that are not properly recycled end up in landfills. These days, landfills continue growing and become a more and more expensive option for any scrap disposal.

Energy saving

Recycling copper consumes only 10% of energy required for its extraction. This energy conservation leads to using less oil, gas, or charcoal, and, therefore, results in less carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

Conservation of copper ore

Just like any other natural resource, copper ore is finite. Therefore, we should aim to conserve the ore by recycling the already extracted material.


Recycled copper is worth nearly as much as the original copper, and recycling it is cheaper than mining. Recycling copper helps to keep the cost of copper products low.

How to Prepare Your Copper to Sell?

In order to receive the best price for your scrap copper in Brampton, you need to properly prepare it. Selling copper can be quite lucrative, but it is important to understand that the price will completely depend on the metal quality. Ideally, scrap copper should be sorted into grades, since unsorted metals or copper inside of electronics and motors tend to sell for a lower price.

Of course, someone seriously engaged in metal recycling has all the tools and resources to prepare scrap copper. However, even the most experienced scrap metal collectors should always exercise caution: they should take safety precautions and wear safety goggles and heat resistant gloves. For a typical homeowner, it is best to sell household scrap copper at bulk prices and leave the sorting to professionals such as Tal Metal.

Make Money by Selling Your Scrap Copper to Tal Metal

Over the decades, Tal Metal remains at the leading edge of metal recycling in the Greater Toronto Area. With Tal Metal, you will not only aid the environment, but you will also earn some extra cash for yourself. We offer the most competitive prices on the market for your scrap copper in Brampton, and will accept all of your copper household appliances and products.

Learn how you can profit from selling scrap metals at our website at www.talmetal.ca or call us directly at 905-660-7081.

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