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Steps by Step Aluminum Recycling Process

Posted on 18 January 2022

As one of the more recyclable metals on earth, aluminum recycling is the favourite of environmentalists, engineers and manufacturers. That’s because aluminum can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its original integrity. It’s a strong and resilient material in any application, and because of the recycling process, it provides one of the most sustainable raw materials.

When it comes to the aluminum recycling process, everything starts at home. From the inside to the outside of the home, there’s plenty of scrap aluminum to collect and prepare. With sufficient volume and quality scrap, there’s quick cash to be had at the local scrapyard. Tal Metal is one of the established scrap yards in Toronto specializing in aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

Collecting Scrap Metal Around the Home

When collecting scrap around the home for aluminum recycling, it’s important to gather a high volume of scrap that is as clean as possible. This is the way to fetch the best possible price from your local scrap yard. As for selection, aluminum is found inside and outside the home – from old patio furniture to aluminum screen doors and window frames to end-of-life appliances and electronic equipment.

  • many obsolete automobile parts contain a high aluminum content
  • roofing materials and aluminum siding are made of pure aluminum
  • out-of-date electronics and household appliances are high volume
  • leftover electrical wiring and cables usually contain aluminum wire

Whatever the volume of scrap, the end-to-end process of metal recycling stops tons and tons of waste from going to landfill sites. With aluminum recycling, in particular, the process contributes to a circular economy and to a much greater degree than any of the other scrap metals.

The Step-By-Step Process of Recycling

Understanding the process of metal recycling tends to reinforce the value of the procedure. Here’s what happens when you take your aluminum to one of the scrap yards in Toronto.

  • Sorting – sorting and cleaning the scrap, especially with aluminum, makes it more valuable.
  • Delivery – delivering scrap metal directly to the local yard allows for immediate payment.
  • Shredding – with large enough volume, aluminum “bales” get shredded into smaller pieces.
  • Magnetizing – when recycling aluminum, a giant magnet removes all remnants of any steel.
  • De-coating – this process step allows for the removal of any coatings on the aluminum metal.
  • Melting – clean and de-coated aluminum scrap is now ready to be transferred to a furnace.
  • Furnace – molten aluminum is ready to be poured from the “holding” furnace into ingot molds.
  • Transportation – the finished aluminum ingots are ready to be transported to a rolling mill.

Tal Metal Specializes in Aluminum Recycling

Tal Metal is one of the established and reputable scrap yards in Toronto, offering customers the best scrap metal prices on the market. While we collect and recycle aluminum on a daily basis, we also collect and recycle other non-ferrous metals like brass and copper.

Our team of recycling specialists provides a full-service approach to both homeowners and businesses. We also offer FREE scrap metal pickup service throughout Toronto. And although the metal market fluctuates, we do our best to offer customers the best possible cashback.

Call us today to schedule your scrap metal pick up near Toronto.

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