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Tips for Scrap Metal Recycling Your Unwanted Furniture

Posted on 11 August 2022

When renovating or moving into a new home, you’ll likely want to switch up your furniture too. One of the biggest concerns is that new furniture can cost a lot of money, and old furniture can be hard to sell. Thankfully, you can earn money for your furniture when you choose scrap metal recycling. Instead of leaving your furniture out on garbage day, call for scrap metal pick up to get cash for your pre-loved scrap metal furniture. With quick and efficient pickup at Tal Metal, It’s never been easier to earn some money for your unused items.  

Here’s how you can earn money by recycling your scrap metal.

Why Recycle Your Unwanted Furniture

Many people put their old or unused furniture out for garbage days because they think it’s not worth anything. With all the money spent on the items, wouldn’t it be great to get cash for dropping off your furniture containing scrap metal? At Tal Metal, we do just that. Instead of throwing away furniture with scrap metal material, drop off or get your items picked up in return for cash. Metals are valuable, and you can get a good amount of money back for aluminum, copper, iron, and brass furniture. Some furniture in your home will be obvious to identify as metal, while other items will not. As always, the professionals at Tal Metal are here to help you with any questions regarding what is acceptable for scrap metal recycling.

Furniture You Can Recycle

When searching around your place for unwanted furniture, look for steel, aluminum, or iron furniture, as well as furniture that may have metal components, such as a recycler chair or couch. Items may include coffee/accent tables, chairs, footstools/ottomans, bookcases, bed frames, dressers, cabinets, and futons. Additionally, aluminum backyard furniture is quite common and may include patio chairs, tables, and loungers. If you’re still unsure, typically, metal furniture is made from either aluminum or steel. To tell them apart, place a magnet on the metal surface; if it is steel, it will stick and vice versa. The professionals at Tal Metal are highly experienced and certified in determining the type of metal and its value. 

Schedule a Scrap Metal Pickup

Worried about having to lift or transport large and heavy furniture? At Tal Metal, we know how difficult it can be to strip your furniture for metal and carry larger items. If you have lots of scrap metal furniture or want your items picked up quickly, reach out to Tal Metal for scrap metal pick up in the Greater Toronto Area. When you choose to recycle your metals, you reduce overall metal waste, giving you another good reason to recycle your unwanted or outdated furniture. In addition to earning money, using scrap metal in manufacturing remarkably reduces greenhouse emissions, one of the leading causes of climate change. 

Top-Tier Scrap Metal Recycling in the GTA

The team at Tal Metal is highly passionate about being an environmentally friendly business that genuinely cares about the impacts we make on the world. Metal recycling makes an excellent contribution to helping the environment. Recycling one tonne of steel waste saves thousands of coal pounds, and recycling aluminum conserves significant megawatts. Metal recycling helps companies reduce waste and the cost of their raw materials and their landfill and incineration costs. If you’re looking to effectively and efficiently recycle your scrap metal from unused furniture, reach out to Tal Metal for timely pickups.


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