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Your Basic Guide To Recycling Scrap Metal For Money

Posted on 15 March 2021

Scrap metal recycling delivers all kinds of benefits – from reducing landfills to conserving energy to lessening greenhouse gases. But there's also money to be made when providing scrap metal to one of many scrap yards in Toronto.

Whether it's copper, aluminum, or brass, scrap metal can be collected and separated for quick cash from a local scrapyard. And with scrap metal pick up, the entire process is made easy for homeowners and business owners alike.

Unfortunately, too much scrap metal ends up in the garbage and is lost forever. The good news is that scrap yards in Toronto are hungry for materials – many of which are readily available from builders, electricians, and plumbers.

Assessing Scrap Metal Value

scrap metal valueWhen collecting scrap metal, it's essential to separate ferrous metals from non-ferrous metals. A magnet sticks to ferrous metal because it contains steel or iron. Ferrous metals are typically not worth that much compared with other metals.

When a magnet doesn’t stick to a metal, the material is non-ferrous - like copper, aluminum, brass, and bronze. These are valuable and would generate quick cash at the local scrapyard based on current metal market prices.

Understanding Types of Metal

One of the more challenging aspects of metal recycling is to understand each type of metal. It has a bearing on the scrap's value - and clearly, better quality scrap is worth more.

Copper is commonly found in plumbing pipes and electrical wiring. It’s one of the most in-demand metals and, therefore, quite valuable. The cleanly separated copper is worth the most.

Beyond beverage cans and food containers, aluminum is found in home siding, window frames, and eavestrough gutters. It's probably the most sought-after scrap metal on the market.

Brass is quite a heavy metal, found in brass fittings, home hardware, and plumbing fixtures. It is mid-priced at the local scrap yard but can add up quite quickly because it’s such heavy metal.

Scrap Metal Pick Up Services    

Tal Metal offers FREE scrap metal pick-up in Toronto and throughout the GTA. For residential, commercial, and industrial clients, pick-up service is convenient and practical, thus streamlining the entire scrap metal collection process.

Our people can also advise on scrap metal prices – in other words, scrap metal is in high demand and will fetch top dollar. More importantly, Tal Metal makes every effort to offer clients the best possible current prices.

For Scrap Metal Recycling in Toronto Choose Tal Metal

As one of the leading scrap yards in Toronto, Tal Metal provides quick cash for a range of "non-ferrous" metals. It's a great way to generate revenue for high-quality scrap that is appropriately separated and assembled.

For residential and commercial customers in the GTA, Tal Metal provides safe pick-up service during the pandemic. We do our best to follow physical distancing precautions to ensure safety for all concerned.

Find out more about making money with scrap metal by visiting our company website at https://www.talmetal.ca or calling one of our in-house recycling experts at 905-660-7081.

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