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Common Household Items You Can Recycle as Scrap Metal 

Posted on 27 November 2019

If you’re looking to recycle scrap metal from around the house, it may also turn into some extra cash for your trouble. For many homeowners, scrap metal recycling begins at home with some very common items – all of which can be taken to a local scrap yard.

Naturally, there are benefits to reducing clutter around the house, but the main benefit is the eventual recycling of scrap metals. Depending on the quantity of scrap, and the quality of the materials, your local scrap dealer may well offer you some easy extra cash.

The fact is, you’ll find a good deal of scrap metal in the basement, around the garage, and even outside in the garden shed. The important thing is NOT to simply dump the “stuff” – the more scrap that’s recycled the better – even if only to help the environment.


Many items around the house are perfect for scrap metal recycling

Homeowners planning to recycle scrap metal should have at least a basic understanding of “ferrous” and “non-ferrous metal. Simply put, the scrap metal that is “ferrous” contains iron.

Copper Piping/Tubing

Scrap copper piping and copper tubing are quite prevalent around the house – also one of the most common metals found inside and outside the home. Copper is worth collecting, mainly because it’s one of the scrap metals that’s always priced higher than other metals.

Aluminum Pots/Pans

If you’re on the search for scrap metal, quality aluminum can be found in old pots and pans. In some cases, aluminum pots and pans might be classified by the scrap yard as “dirty” only because of some additional elements in the metal. Nevertheless, these are worth recycling.

Stainless Steel Sinks

One of the more common items lying around the house is the stainless steel sink that was removed while doing a renovation. The key with stainless steel sinks is to ensure “clean” material, in other words without any type of plastic or rubber that may devalue the scrap.

Brass Plumbing 

Depending on the market value for scrap brass, this metal could be good for scrap metal recycling. Brass faucets, brass plumbing, and brass fittings are all found around the house, especially after renovating and upgrading. Because brass is so weighty it’s a good return.

Ceiling Fan Motors

If a ceiling fan is broken, it shouldn’t be dumped – it’s possible to remove plastic or wood trim and isolate the motor for recycling. Ceiling fan motors contain an electric coil with substantial amounts of copper. In some models, the fan blades may also be made of metal.

Copper TV Yokes

Copper yokes are not found on newer TVs but can usually be often found inside the back of older TVs. The actual “yoke” is often in a cone shape, covered with plastic. The copper wired is woven around in strands and is considered high quality when taken to the scrap yard.

Power Outlet Bars

Power outlet bars, normally used around a desk or television should not be randomly thrown out – they are typically “copper bearing” and should fetch some cash at the scrap yard. While one power bar may not be worth much, a few could make for a lot of wiring.


Electric transformers can be found in old camera, chargers, and other electronic devices. They are valuable because they contain copper as part of the mechanism. Here again, since these are small, you’ll need to collect a good many to make the scrap copper valuable.

Backup Batteries

Today, with all of our electronics, backup batteries are quite common around the house. The fact is, we probably have too many, and don’t use most of them. While this type of scrap has to be dismantled, there is still some value when scrapped at your local scrap yard.

Aluminum Furniture

In most backyards, old aluminum furniture is a common site. Patio chairs, loungers and screen doors are quite valuable when clean. Because aluminum is quite light, you’ll need a substantial load to make up some dollar value. Plastic and rubber should be removed.

Whether you’re looking for some extra cash, or just de-cluttering around the house, much of the scrap metal you find can be recycled. Indeed, most of us have an inordinate amount of “stuff” laying around, and in many cases, recycling is the most responsible approach.

In the garden and patio, you’ll find everything from metal furniture, to old lawn mowers, to swing sets, and even old iron railings. In the attic, many people find metal shelves, unused appliances, and ancient electronics. In the garage, there’s probably the most to choose from – old power tools, obsolete bicycles, outdoor furniture, and a host of old automobile parts.


For scrap metal recycling in the GTA, trust Tal Metal 

Whether you’re a serious scrap metal collector, or just looking for some extra cash, you can trust the experts at Tal Metal. We’ve been doing business for over 20 years, and are well established around the Greater Toronto Area. While we started in aluminum recycling, we now specialize in all types of non-ferrous metals.

The staff and employees at Tal Metal are highly skilled and experienced – a team who understands scrap metal recycling. We are dedicated to our clients’ needs, and committed to a high standard of customer service. For customers large and small, our focus is always on maintaining an honest and trusted operation.

If you’re looking to recycle scrap metal anywhere in the GTA, Tal Metal accepts a range of non-ferrous metals:  aluminum, tin, nickel, bronze, tin, nickel, brass, copper, zinc, silver, and gold. We understand the dynamics of the scrap metal market, and can offer customers the best possible prices for high quality scrap metal.

Find out more about how to recycle scrap metal by calling Tal Metal at 905-660-7081 or by filling out our online form. Whether you’re collecting scrap metal around the house, or collecting commercial scrap, we can help your process. We can also advise on which scrap metal is the most valuable.

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