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Why Winter is a Great Time To Recycle Your Scrap Metal

Posted on 27 December 2019

For the average household, scrap metal recycling has some simple benefits – you’re redirecting waste from landfill sites; you’re recycling valuable materials; and you’re making a little cash at the same time. In fact, in today’s world, how we recycle scrap metal has become quite relevant.

Winter is actually a good time to recycle your scrap metal – it’s a great opportunity to clear out your household “stuff” and get ready for a clean start in spring. Winter is also a time when scrap metal dealers are on the lookout for quality metal scrap and ready to pay a competitive price.

During the wintertime, scrap metal dealers are waiting for your scrap metal

Winter is a time when construction activities slow down, and residential home renovations are held over to spring. More than usual, it’s a time when scrap yards depend on local homeowners for their scrap metal recycling. And it’s a time where homeowners can generate extra income.

With so much time spent indoors during winter, it’s a good time to clear out everything from the basement, garage, and even the attic. Whether it’s steel, aluminum, or copper, it’s all worth some money in your effort to recycle scrap metal. It’s also a way to avoid trashing all of that “stuff”.

In the kitchen

There’s no future in holding on to old pots and pans – these are ideal for recycling. Small kitchen appliances also contain valuable metal inside their motors, including valuable copper wiring.

In the basement

If you’re stashing old screen doors, metal window frames, or leftover plumbing pipes in your basement, all of this metal scrap can be collected, separated, and delivered to the scrap yard. 

In the shed

This winter, it may be time to get rid of your seasonal furniture, children’s swing sets, and any metal fencing that has outlived its use. You can de-clutter everything while earning some cash.

In the garage

Typically, garages are full of old power tools, old bikes, and old auto parts – all worth money as scrap metal. And if you actually have an old car ready for the scrap yard, that’s even more cash.

Because of the nature of the business, scrap metal tends to be in higher demand in winter when the more traditional sources of scrap are slowed down. It means that there’s more potential for residential homeowners to cash in when disposing of scrap metal in and around the home.

For scrap metal recycling in Toronto, trust Tal Metal

In Toronto, and throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Tal Metal collects and recycles a range of non-ferrous metals. This includes aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, and other metals.

While you can definitely earn extra cash recycling your scrap metal, it will also help to reduce landfill waste and diminish the negative effects on the environment, at least in some way.

If you’re looking to recycle scrap metal with a local scrap dealer, Tal Metal offers competitive prices depending on the quality of the material. Find out more by calling 905-660-7081 or visit our website and fill out our online form.

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