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A Guide to Stripping Your Copper Wire

Posted on 19 July 2022

Finding a scrap yard in Toronto that you can trust is essential as you want to get the most out of your items. Many people know that getting a scrap metal pick up in Toronto allows you to earn some extra cash, but what many don’t know is that if you strip your wires beforehand, you make even more money. Though striping your wires takes some extra time, the payoff is worth it. Below is a detailed guide on preparing and sorting your wires before scraping them for the best outcome. 

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How to Simplify Recycling Your Scrap Metal

Posted on 14 July 2022

It's common to have several pieces of scrap metal recycling but no idea what to do with them. With the money spent on the material, you deserve to earn some cash back while helping the environment. Not to mention, failing to recycle your metals is comparable to throwing money away.

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Streamline Metal Recycling During Home Renovations

Posted on 23 June 2022

Summer is the time for home renovations. Despite spring cleaning being just a few months behind us, renovations can lead to a build-up of junk as homeowners create waste from demolitions, rebuilds, or just by clearing out storage areas and uncovering hidden treasure. Scrap metal pickup in Toronto from scrap yards in Toronto helps to streamline metal recycling so you can focus on your renovations while also granting you the ability to make easy money from your accumulated scrap waste.

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What is Recycled Steel Used For?

Posted on 09 June 2022

At our metal scrap yard in Toronto, we appreciate getting steel as it can be recycled repeatedly. Since steel is so highly used in our everyday lives, it's crucial that we recycle this metal. Carbon, mild, and stainless steel are all accepted at Tal Metal. For convenient scrap metal recycling, schedule a scrap metal pickup in Toronto.

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How to Turn Aluminum Recycling into a Sustainable Habit

Posted on 20 May 2022

In a time where we’re looking for more ways to protect our environment, aluminum recycling is a sustainable practice that’s easy to adopt. Metal recycling, especially aluminum, at scrap yards in Toronto is an easy way to make extra money and create a healthier planet. When you turn collecting scrap or junk, and accumulating large quantities of aluminum for recycling to trade in at scrap yards in Toronto like Tal Metal into a regular habit you can make a surprising amount of cash. The more consistent you are with the habit, the easier the money comes. The best part about it is that your efforts enable a positive environmental impact.

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Scrap Metal You Might Find Hiding in Your Garage

Posted on 10 May 2022

It may come as a surprise to you, but all that scrap metal sitting in your garage may carry a lot of value. Instead of leaving it in your garage to collect dust, you can hand it over to one of the many scrap yards in Toronto and collect some easy money. From scrap aluminum to the brass pieces of your old car, there’s a lot of potential worth hiding in your garage.

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Why Use a Bin Rental in Toronto for Home Projects

Posted on 25 April 2022

Spring can get you excited to get started on summer projects. With more materials on the market for the first time in a couple of months, DIY-ers can get going on projects that they’ve banked. As you renovate, demolish, and remodel your home, you'll likely be left with junk and old materials that need to be disposed of. Bin rental in Toronto can help you manage your waste. Depending on who you source your bin from, your garbage can be properly discarded at a dumpsite or your metal waste appropriately recycled at one of the scrap yards in Toronto.

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How to Tell your Scrap Metals Apart with a Magnet

Posted on 11 April 2022

For some, scrap metal recycling is a lucrative hobby. For others, metal recycling serves as a means of cleaning up the environment. Either way, there are environmental and personal benefits to the practice, especially when you develop relationships with trusted scrap yards in Toronto. Many will pay good money for your metal waste, but determining your scrap metal’s value can be a bit tricky. You can always do your research to help find that out, but did you know that using a magnet can be an effective tool to estimate. 

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Why You Shouldn't Put Aluminum in the Garbage

Posted on 21 March 2022

When working on a home project or just simply decluttering your house, mounting excess waste can quickly become overwhelming. The default approach and the most convenient option is throwing all unwanted items and junk into the garbage. If metal waste happens to be included in that trash, you may want to consider going with the aluminum recycling option instead. When you collect scrap aluminum, you can dispose of it via scrap yards in Toronto and make easy money sustainably. 

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Why Add Metal Recycling to Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Posted on 15 March 2022

Spring cleaning is approaching, and with that comes the opportunity to declutter your home and finally get around to freeing your household of some old junk that’s been lying around for ages. But during your deep cleaning dive, you may unearth some scrap metal items that you can recycle and turn into quick cash, rather than discarding them in the trash for nothing.

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