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How much can I get for scrap metal these days?

Posted on 11 November 2014 by Admin

There is a new currency running through the asphalt jungles and it’s the oldest type of currency on Earth – metal!

Alternative ways of making money, such as scrap metal, are constantly springing forth due to modern economical circumstances, as well as employment boundaries

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Scrap Copper Prices

Posted on 29 September 2014 by Admin

Scrap copper is valuable – not like gold or silver – but it’s in demand and accessible – so it’s valuable.  So much so, that people are stealing it and selling it.  The truth is, high scrap

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Scrap Metal in Toronto

Posted on 13 August 2014 by Admin

If you’re collecting scrap metal in Toronto, the greatest potential for success is collecting scrap that is in high demand. And if collecting scrap has turned into a business, or even a part-time business, then high demand

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Scrap Wire

Posted on 17 July 2014 by Admin

It’s hard to know if the average person can really appreciate the value of scrap wire.  As a society, we waste so much, and dump so much, it seems unlikely that the average person sees any value in that trash.  But for the scrap metal collector, the value is measurable, especially

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Scrap Metal in Peel Region

Posted on 13 July 2014 by Admin

Buying, selling, collecting, distributing – most everything you want to know about scrap metal in Peel Region is available through the Internet.  And as a collector, it’s absolutely critical to know what metal is in demand, and what prices are being paid for which specific

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Scrap Metal Prices

Posted on 11 July 2014 by Admin

Scrap metal prices around the world fluctuate on a daily basis. This applies to the giant international conglomerates in the very same way that it applies to the scrap metal collector in small town Ontario.  It works this way because scrap metal, much like virgin ore, is considered to be a

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Metal Recycling in Toronto

Posted on 11 July 2014 by Admin

Tal Metal Recycling Inc. is an established recycling facility operating throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and focused on buying, processing and distributing scrap metal.  Having served the industry for almost two decades, our customers are principally industrial, and our operation

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Going Green in the Metal Recycling Industry

Posted on 16 July 2013 by Admin

In the metal recycling industry, Going Green means different things to different companies – from operating an eco-friendly factory, to creating manufacturing systems and processes that are sustainable. Successful business people are always paying attention to trends, both local and global,

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Scrap Metal Processing

Posted on 12 July 2013 by Admin

Whether it’s our home, our businesses or in industry, we’re constantly creating huge amounts of waste metal, all of which should be recycled.  Scrap metal processing begins with the collection of waste material in a way that reflects the amount and purity of the scrap itself.

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