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The Process of Iron Recycling

Posted on 13 April 2017

Unlike other metal recycling, iron recycling incorporates only ferrous metals. Ferrous refers to any metal that contains iron. These metals are magnetic in nature, and contain a significant percentage of iron.

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Where Do Metals Go After The Recycling Process?

Posted on 22 March 2017

While the recycling industry churns away, and more scrap metal gets recycled every year, there’s much that happens once the recycled metal is ready to be used again. The fact is, old vehicles, old appliances, and industrial waste all contribute to new sources of recycled metal.

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The Ups And Downs Of Scrap Steel

Posted on 14 February 2017

Like all market driven metals, scrap steel prices also have ups and downs, based on the supply and demand dynamics of the day, and of course, worldwide influences.

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How to Choose the Right Company for Metal Recycling

Posted on 29 November 2016

Probably the biggest mistake when customers are choosing a scrap metal dealer is to focus only on the best price. And while this is certainly an important factor when it comes to making a living, there are other factors that should be given equal consideration.

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How to Teach Children About Metal Recycling

Posted on 27 October 2016

Simply from an eco-conscious perspective, metal recycling has implications for the whole family. And if it’s to be a family effort, it will naturally include the kids. Whatever the motivation behind recycling, parents should definitely pass on the commitment to their kids.

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Recycling Computers, Laptops, and Computer Parts

Posted on 19 September 2016

It’s Become More Important Today Than Ever! To appreciate the importance of computer recycling, it’s important to understand the prevalence of computer usage throughout the world. In North America, it’s estimated that more than 75% of homes have at least one computer.

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